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Global TransporTech 2016 Rules of Participation

Article 1. Definitions

  • 1. "Exhibitor" means companies, municipal governments, associations and organizations that submitted an online registration form and paid a registration fee to participate in the Exhibition.
  • 2. "Exhibition" refers to Global TransporTech 2016.
  • 3. "Organizer" refers to the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) with its principal place of business at 13, Heolleung-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

Article 2. Registration

  • 1. Exhibitors wishing to participate in the Exhibition shall submit an registration form via the E-mail.
  • 2. The Exhibitor, after completing the registration, must pay the registration fee (booth rental fee, tech support fee). Payment will mean the Exhibitor has been registered and the contract has been concluded. However, in cases where the exhibition areas are fully booked or when the exhibitor's participation in the exhibition is to sell exhibit items, the Organizer can reject the registration.

Article 3. Payment of Registration Fee

  • The Exhibitor shall pay 50% of the booth rental fee within two weeks of registration, and the remaining 50% (including tech support fee) no later than May 27, 2016. If the application for tech support is finalized after May 27, 2016, the tech support fee must be paid in total within two weeks prior to the opening day of the Exhibition. If the payment is not made before the set deadline, the Organizer can cancel the registration, and the fees already paid shall not be refunded.

Article 4. Allocation of Exhibition Area

  • 1. The Organizer shall designate areas for booth installation for the registered exhibitors in the order of registration fee payment based on rational grounds in consideration of exhibit items, registration history (from 2013 to 2015), exhibit size, etc. in which case the Exhibitor cannot raise objections to the decisions.
  • 2. Under special circumstances, the Organizer may relocate the exhibition area and adjust its size before the booth installation period after consulting with the Exhibitor, and the Exhibitor shall extend maximum cooperation at the request of the Organizer unless it is not possible for the Exhibitor to comply due to force majeure.
  • 3. The Exhibitor cannot transfer, sell or exchange all or part of the allocated exhibition area to a third party without written consent from the Organizer.

Article 5. Maintenance of the Exhibition Hall

  • 1. The Exhibitor shall display exhibition items described in the registration form and shall have staff available at the booth at all times so as to safeguard the booth facility.
  • 2. In cases where the Exhibitor displays items not described in the registration form or not in agreement with the nature of the Exhibition, or conducts direct sales of the items displayed, the Organizer can order immediate suspension, dismantlement or removal from the exhibition. In such cases, the registration fee will not be refunded and the Exhibitor will not be allowed to seek compensation for damages.
  • 3.The Organizer when deemed necessary may restrict certain visitors' access to the Exhibition.
  • 4. The Exhibitor shall not change the original condition of the Exhibition hall including the floor, ceiling, columns and walls by using paint or adhesives, etc., and shall provide proper compensation for any damages caused to the Exhibition hall. The Exhibitor shall obey the request of the Organizer to return the site to its original condition.
  • 5. The Organizer may selectively exclude or restrict some exhibit items and exhibit activities, etc. for reasons including maintenance of order, security and the prevention of socially unacceptable behaviors.

Article 6. Cancellation of Registration and Penalty Charge

  • 1. In cases where the Exhibitor cancels all or part of the exhibition area, it shall immediately notify the Organizer in writing as to the reasons for such cancellation.
  • 2. If the cancellation notification described in Article 1 is received by March 31, 2016, the Organizer shall fully refund the booth rental fee. However, if the cancellation notification is received by May 27, 2016, only 50% of the paid booth rental fee shall be refunded, and no refund shall be made if the notification is received after May 27, 2016.
  • 2-1. In cases where cancellation is submitted after payment of the booth rental fee, Article 6.2 shall apply.
  • 2-2. The tech support fee shall be refunded in full regardless of the cancellation date.
  • 3. No interest shall accrue to the amount to be refunded, and the un-refunded registration fee shall not be rolled over to the next Exhibition as a registration fee.
  • 4. In cases where the Exhibitor fails to make full payment of the booth rental fee by May 27, 2016 after registration, the Organizer may unilaterally cancel the registration.
  • 5. If the Exhibitor cancels its participation without paying the booth rental fee back within the set deadline, the Organizer may impose a penalty charge in breach of the agreement.

Article 7. Cancellation of or Changes to the Exhibition

  • In the event that the Organizer cancels the Exhibition, the booth rental fees collected shall be refunded in full. However, if the Exhibition is cancelled, its dates are changed, or its scale is reduced for reasons not attributable to the Organizer or force majeure, the Organizer is not obliged to make such a refund. In this case, the Exhibitor cannot seek compensations from the Organizer.

Article 8. Installation and Display of Exhibit Items

  • 1. The Exhibitor shall make necessary installations in a designated exhibition area within the set period of time, and shall complete delivery and display of the exhibit items described in the registration form.
  • 1-1. Installation and Display of Exhibit Items shall be followed the rule about exhibition areas business and security

Article 9. Removal of the Exhibition Items and Installations

  • 1. The Exhibitor shall remove all exhibition items and installations within a set period of time, and if there is a delay, it shall immediately pay the delay cost incurred and imposed to the Organizer.
  • 1-1. Removal of the Exhibition Items and Installations shall be followed the rule about exhibition areas business and security

Article 10. Security of the Exhibition Hall, Liabilities and Insurance

  • 1. The Organizer shall put in place appropriate security measures for Exhibitors and visitors.
  • 2. The Exhibitor shall be liable for damage and theft of the installations and exhibit items occurring during the exhibition, installation and dismantlement period within the allocated exhibition area.
  • 3. In the event that the Exhibitor inflicts damages on the Organizer or a third party causing fire, theft, damage and other accidents intentionally or due to negligence, the Exhibitor shall be solely liable for providing compensation, and the Exhibitor shall be responsible for obtaining insurance policies to cover damages against exhibit items, etc.

Article 11. Fire Safety

  • 1. Exhibit items and all materials employed within the Exhibition Hall shall be non-combustible in accordance with fire safety regulations.
  • 2. The Organizer, when necessary, may demand corrective actions to the Exhibitor for fire safety.

Article 12. Supplementary Rules

  • 1. The Organizer, when deemed necessary, may establish supplementary rules for matters not prescribed in these Rules of Participation.
  • 2. The supplementary rules constitute a part of these Rules of Participation and the Exhibitors shall comply with the rules.
  • 3. The Exhibitor shall comply with the Rules of Participation as well as the terms and conditions set by the Organizer.

Article 13. Dispute Resolution

  • In the event that disputes arise between the Organizer and the Exhibitor on the interpretation of these Rules of Participation concerning the rights and liabilities of the parties, they shall be resolved by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, and the parties cannot bring the decisions of the Arbitration Board to court.

How to Register

Registration Process

Payment Information

Bank WOORI Bank, Yang Jae Dong BR
Account No. 1081-982-365365
Beneficiary KOTRA
Bank Address 914-2, Dogok-Dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (135-270)
Bank Telephone +82-2-3462-2960/3

Registration Deadline

Deadline for early bird March 31, 2016
Registration Deadline May 27, 2016
  • Registration may close before the deadline if all booths are booked.

Contact Information

  • Materials & Components Industry Promotion Team, KOTRA
Address 13, Heolleungno, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (Zip Code : 137-749)
Tel +82-2-3460-7628/7639
E-Mail LeeDo@kotra.or.kr / jalchemist@kotra.or.kr

Registration Fee

Registration Fee

Space-onlyㅣUS$1,800 per booth
Booth surface area [3mx3m=9㎡] [All booths will be the same size]
The exhibiting company is responsible for the design and installation of booths.
For utility services [electricity, Internet, telephone, etc.], contact the organizer.
Shell SchemeㅣUS$2,300 per booth
Booth surface area [3mx3m=9㎡] and basic materials needed to build the booth will be provided.
The organizer will install all booths.
One kW of electricity will be provided free of charge
[For more electricity, Internet access, phone line, please contact the organizer]
Items Provided : Company Sign Board & 2 Backlights, 4 Display Lamps, 1Power Outlet, Carpet and etc.
No. of Booths 1 Booth 2 Booth 3 Booth 4 Booth 5 Booth or more
Tables 1 1 2 2 3
Reception Desk 1 1 1 1 1
Chair 3 4 5 7 10
Electricity[kW] 1 2 3 4 5
Power Outlet 1 2 3 4 5

Allocation Rule

Discount Policy

Classification Base fee Early Bird Repeat Participants Sum
Space-only 1,800$ 180$ - 1,620$
- 180$ 1,620$
180$ 180$ 1,440$
Shell Scheme 2,300$ 180$ - 2,120$
- 180$ 2,120$
180$ 180$ 1,940$
  • Early bird 180$ (Deadline : March 31)
  • Repeat participants 180$ (for 2013 - 2015 exhibitions)
  • Up to 360$ discount per booth

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Before 3/31 100% Refundable
Cancellation Before 5/27 50% Refundable
Cancellation After 5/27 Non-Refundable

Utility Services

  • Utilities and services [Electricity, telephone, LAN, water supply etc.] will be provided by KOTRA. Exhibiting companies must determine the exact amount of utility services needed and notify the organizer in advance.
Type Unit Cost
Electricity Daytime US$ 50 / kW
24 hours US$ 60 / kW
Telephone Domestic US$ 60 / unit
International US$ 150 / unit
Internet (LAN) US$ 110 / port
Compressed Air US$ 150 / booth
Water Supply / Drainage US$ 150 / booth
  • Utilities and service fee is to be paid by May 27, 2016
  • Utilities and service fee is non-refundable.
  • This utility services will be provided from 08:00 to 18:00.